(The Skatepark is getting demolished, The Berrics as a company will still exist)

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Cube Details:

Own a piece of skateboarding history with epoxy cubes from The Berrics Skatepark. Each cube will have a piece of cement from the skatepark.

See where your cement comes from

- Scan the QR code on your cube and it will show you exactly where it came from in the park, and a video of all the highlights from that spot. **The piece you receive will be random**

Golden ticket to BATB 14 live event

- Every pre-order will have the chance to get a free flight and hotel to BATB 14 Finals Night.

Full-Length Berrics Story

- A documentary about the history of the Berrics, and how large of an impact it has had on the skateboarding community. (Coming soon)

Signed by the pros

-Each cube will include a different signature. The signature you receive will be random.

Cube, Stand, Light, and USB cord included.

Cube size approx 2.5" x 2.5"

Stand size approx 4.5" x 3"

Ship date: February 11th