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BATCH 1 - Sold out - Shipping is currently in progress and will be shipped in order of who ordered first. Order #ABD4037 and lower will all be a part of BATCH 1.

BATCH 2 (Current Batch) - Ships May 1st - Will contain a 2nd edition badge on the front plate and will have an opportunity to get different autographs.

Cube Details:

Own a piece of skateboarding history with epoxy cubes from The Berrics Skatepark. Each cube will have a piece of cement from the skatepark.

Signed by the pros

-Each cube will include a different signature. The signature you receive will be random.

See where your cement comes from

- Scan the QR code on your cube and it will show you exactly where it came from in the park, and a video of all the highlights from that spot. **The piece you receive will be random**

Golden ticket to BATB 14 live event

- Every pre-order will have the chance to get a free flight and hotel to BATB 14 Finals Night.

Full-Length Berrics Story

- A documentary about the history of the Berrics, and how large of an impact it has had on the skateboarding community. (Coming soon)

Cube, Stand, Light, and USB cord included.

Cube size approx 2.5" x 2.5"

Stand size approx 4.5" x 3"

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