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Garrett Hill - Coffee Slam - AF#1

Garrett Hill - Coffee Slam - AF#1

Money doesn't work for this item, only codes.

Only 50 were ever made. And they're all gone.

This is the first-ever AF card. Why AF? It means April Fool's, but it's absolutely not a joke. This card is as serious as it gets, besides the fact that the coffee cup inside the card is actually just a random Starbucks cup. I mean come on, did you for real think Garrett kept the cup from that exact moment? No way.

You know he never wanted to see those coffees again after a slam like that. But regardless, that's why it's an AF card. A fun moment in skateboarding history turned into a fun thing to collect. 

Also, the AF collection will never be for sale - YOU CAN'T BUY IT. They are only given away randomly to select ABD users.

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